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Professional Tree Removals to Protect Your Property

Atlantic Property Services provides tree removal services in St. Augustine and Flagler County, FL to help you keep your property safe and beautiful. Our team uses high-quality, powerful equipment and years of experience to remove any tree on your residential or commercial landscape. With tree removal, you can clear space for new home additions or improve the view from your office window. Our locally-owned business provides comprehensive tree services to enhance the look and feel of your outdoor spaces while increasing the safety of your property. Whether you have several trees or a single tree that needs to be moved, our team will skillfully take care of them while respecting the existing greenery and your property. Contact us today to schedule a tree removal service.

Tree Removal Services by Atlantic Property Services

When Should I Have Trees Removed From My Property?

Tree removals are crucial to the safety and security of your outdoor spaces. With our professional services, you can be confident that the branches and trunks will be removed entirely. Our licensed team of experts carefully performs each job to ensure that your yard does not get damaged in the process. If you are unsure whether to remove a tree, we would be happy to take a look and give you our professional opinion. We strive to make the process as stress-free as possible, so we pay attention to the details, safety, and regulations of tree removal. If a permit is required, we will inform you beforehand and assist you in acquiring the proper documentation.

Reasons to Call Atlantic Property Services

Trees Have Fallen

If your property has fallen trees, our team will remove them regardless of the number and size.

Dead Trees Are Present

Dead trees should be removed as soon as possible. Dead or dying trees become weak, increasing the potential of completely falling over or dropping heavy branches.

Storm Damage Has Occurred

Tree damage caused by storms can be so severe that the tree cannot recover, making removal the best choice.

Trees Are Diseased

Diseased trees will eventually die and fall. Removing diseased trees prevents property damage, pests, and the spread of disease to your other trees.

Property Is Undergoing Construction

If you are building a new deck or room addition, we will remove trees from the area.

Trees Show Hazardous Potential

When trees are too close to the structure, power lines, or are leaning, tree removal is necessary to prevent destruction to the surrounding area.

Safe Tree Removals by Atlantic Property Services

When our experts perform tree removal, it ensures that your outdoor space is preserved, the job is done quickly, and you are safe from harm. We recommend that our professionals always perform tree removal services when necessary as it can be a dangerous task for untrained individuals to attempt. Over the years, we have removed numerous threatening trees from both residential and commercial property. Our team is highly proficient and will complete the job safely and effectively.

Contact Us Today for Exceptional Tree Trimming, Removal, and More