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Restore Your Property With Emergency Tree Services

When a storm or other natural disaster causes damage to your trees, it is vital that the aftermath is addressed as soon as possible. Atlantic Property Services performs emergency tree services in St. Augustine and Flagler County, FL for fast and safe storm recovery. To combat the inclement weather that Florida regularly experiences, our team stays ready with the necessary equipment for efficient restoration. When tree damage goes unaddressed, your home and business are at a greater risk of harm. Fallen trees and broken branches not only crowd your yard, but they can cause injury to you, your family, your coworkers, and your visitors. Our team is available whenever your greenery needs to be restored.

Emergency Tree Services by Atlantic Property Services

Reliable Emergency Tree Services When You Need Them Most

Mother Nature is a powerful force that can cause significant destruction to your structure and landscape. Our professionals have years of experience responding to emergency weather situations that require immediate attention. Emergency tree services are crucial to the safety and security of your property, whether it be a home or business. Trees are a valuable part of your outdoor space but can pose a threat during storms. When trees become damaged, they can fall over onto nearby buildings, power lines, roads, and more. During these emergency situations, our number one priority is to reinstate your property’s safety.

Our Emergency Tree Services

Safety Evaluation

After a storm, tree damage may not be apparent. Our professionals will thoroughly inspect each tree for splintering, instability, disease risk, and more.

Debris Clean-Up

Cleaning up storm debris can be dangerous for untrained persons. Our specialists will quickly and safely gather all debris on your lawn, including branches, leaves, roots, and fallen trees.

Tree Limb Removal

Dangling tree limbs can fall at any time, putting everyone and everything around in danger. We will accurately prune and cut hazardous tree limbs.

Preserving Damaged Trees

Even if a tree is harmed during a storm, it does not mean that it will not recover. Our team will determine if a tree can be preserved and then provide it with the support, nutrients, and attention it needs to become healthy again.

Removal of Hazardous Trees

When a tree's foundation has been compromised, it poses the risk of falling at any given moment. We carefully cut down and altogether remove hazardous trees, regardless of their size.

Atlantic Property Services: The Tree Emergency Solution

Our family-owned business knows how important it is to be safe, whether at home or at work. We provide accessible and affordable emergency tree services so that you know exactly who to call when a storm occurs. As an insured company, we are prepared to handle any tree emergency you may be experiencing. We pride ourselves on fast response times and efficient services. Whether you have several fallen trees or need a tree inspection, you can trust that we will be there as soon as possible and work until your property has been completely restored. If you are experiencing a tree emergency, call us now.

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